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MMOSite Reader’s Choice Awards   12/14/2015 5:23:39 PM
12/14/2015 5:23:39 PM
Voting for the 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards is underway! For this contest, the players vote for their favorite MMOs in a variety of categories. Our Warpportal games are entered in the following categories: Ragnarok Online: Best Soundtrack Favorite MMORPG Best Community Most Classic Requiem Best Soundtrack Favorite MMORPG Most Classic Ragnarok Online 2 Favorite MMORPG […]
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Warpportal December Livestream Schedule   12/1/2015 11:53:19 AM
12/1/2015 11:53:19 AM
Here is what’s up for Warpportal Livestreaming on for the month of December! Mondays 12 – 1PM PST: Make Stuff Mondays w/ CM Jello Shaker Tuesdays 3- 4PM PST: Tiki Tuesday w/ CM Oda Wednesdays 12 – 1PM PST: Runnin’ Round ROSE w/ CM Dragonlark Thursdays 10 – 11AM PST: Dragon Saga Let’s Play w/ CM Oda […]
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WP Downtime Compensation Events   11/18/2015 4:51:18 PM
11/18/2015 4:51:18 PM
Hello there everyone. This last week has been a pretty eventful one. We had a server move from Sunday to Monday afternoon, as well as an unscheduled hardware downtime late last night at 11/17. To compensate for the downtimes each game will be having events or subscription time added onto affected accounts. For VIP time […]
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