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WarpPortal Maintenance August 28, 4am~8am PDT

On Wednesday, August 28th 12am ~ 8am PDT we will be performing some necessary hardware updates to the WarpPortal systems. During this time all systems that require logging in on the website, or games would be unavailable. To avoid unnecessary confusion all games will be under maintenance at this time. There is a strong likelyhood that we will open earlier than that.

Systems effected:
- Game Login
- WarpPortal login
- Steam Login
- Power-Up page
- Forum Login
- Support ticket login

If you are already logged in on the forums, you can continue to browse and post, it is only for attempting logins during the maintenance period that would be unavailable.

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RO2 WoE Test season, patch early!
This week marks the beginning of our WoE testing season, and with it is a very large client patch. We have made available a manual patch that you can download and extract into your Ragnarok 2 installation folder, so that when the update is made live during our Wednesday morning, 3:30am ~ 8am PDT, maintenance you can skip most of the downloading!

RO2 WoE Manual Pre-patch.rar 2.39GB

Please download.
Extract the contents into your RO2 folder
Allow overwriting when prompted

Winrar will be able to extract the file as will many other decompressing softwares.

Best practice is to do this extraction process during or shortly before maintenance to eliminate any chance of hackshield conflicts.(by design overwriting the files early should be fine, and were in test, but changing files in some situations will cause hackshield conflicts so best to apply the patch closer to maintenance time.)

Steam users will have a new install client provided which should take care of their updating processes easily.
Those who do not wish to use the manual patch will download the files via the normal patch process.
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End of May Payday
If you happened to be playing on May 30th, 2013 around 3:00AM PDT ( -8 UDT), you were probably disconnected from our game and possibly our website.

We had experienced a slight glitch but we were able to resolve it within 40 minutes. A disconnection without notice and 40 minutes can be a long time to be out of the game. So what does this mean for you?

To apologize for the unexpected downtime we gave ALL players who have logged in within the last four days 200 WarpPortal energy for free!

It's our way to thanking you (the players) for being so patient!

Want updates on the Anniversary Event or the upcoming 14.2 update? Check out our Official Ragnarok Online Facebook for all the details! In events where the website and game are down, we will use our facebook page to communicate with everyone.
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Ragnarok 2 Launch Client available for pre-loading!

Though our official launch is on Wednesday May 1st at 3pm PDT, we want to give you plenty of time to download the client for launch.

Our beta players may patch their beta clients using the normal patcher ( ~ 260mb patch), but new players will need to download the new launch client.


Download manager version: Download page

Torrent File: Ragnarok2-Installer.1.0.0-04.26.2013.torrent
Torrent MD5 Hash: 11604347ae20167dd6df750a8837bb9f


Please be a pal and help seed a while, it's what Odin would do!

Thank you

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Warpportal Easter Eggstravaganza

WarpPortal Easter point sale

It's Easter time and WarpPortal wishes everyone a happy beginning to the warmer Springtime months! To ring in the occasion, we have a bonus to Item Mall Points gained when converting WarpPortal Energy to one of our in-game currencies. This bonus runs from March 28th 7pm PST until April 2nd 11am PST, so don't miss out!

Normal WP -> game point bonus
  • 0 ~ 999 = 0%
  • 1000 ~ 2499 = 10%
  • 2500 ~ 4999 = 15%
  • 5000+ = 20%
Event period
  • 0 ~ 999 = 0%
  • 1000 ~ 2499 = 15%
  • 2500 ~ 4999 = 20%
  • 5000+ = 30%

ROSE, Requiem, Ragnarok Online, and Dragon Saga all have fun Easter Events running beginning this week.

ROSE Easter Events!

Easter is upon us once again! Between March 29th and April 21st, players will find colored Eggs that need to be caught and turned into Judy, don't forget to talk to Judy before starting the Event! More details here

Also our beloved Easter bunny has been busy and equally so, those piggy porkies! A payer submitted quest concept has been added to the Easter Event! Speak to [Mayor] Darren in the City of Junon Polis for more information and help find out the this year's mystery!

Rewards: Arua's Blessing, Easter Bunny Capsules, Easter Egg Capsules and new this year, a rebirth of an old Cart frame design.

Requiem Easter Event

To celebrate the upcoming Easter Holiday (4/8), we will holding a Easter Egg Drop Event during the period of 4/4 ~ 4/17. During the event period, new Event Drops will be dropping from all monsters at a certain chance.

These include Red and Blue Easter Eggs (Restores 10% HP/MP with each use) as well as the Juggernut's Egg (Players can Reduce at the Reduction Blacksmith for a price for a chance to obtain items). More details here.

Ragnarok Online's Easter Event

This month we also have a spotlight of Hugel running on Renewal Chaos and Classic Loki servers, which boosts the exp, drops and spawns of monsters native to those areas! More details here.

Dragon Saga's Easter Event

There is also a Daily Login Reward during the period that gives an Easter Gasha Box (with lots of useful consumables inside) that can be obtained once per character per day.All monsters will also have the chance of dropping an Easter Pet Gasha Box! If that weren't enough, all W-Coins used on the Big Wheel during the event (ends at the start of maintenance) will be returned to the character on 4/3 the day after maintenance. More details here!

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Crimecraft service migrated
Greetings WarpPortal citizens. As of September 21st, 2012 the WarpPortal will no longer accept new account registration or payments for Crimecraft. All of your Crimecraft points and accounts still exist for you to play after you perform a few simple steps.

If you wish to continue playing CrimeCraft, you will first need to contact MAYN Games support at http://support.mayngames.com/. They do not have your password, so you need to contact them to get a new password for your Crimecraft account.

Explain to their support team that you are a WarpPortal user that needs to migrate your CrimeCraft account. Tell them your account ID is as follows: [account ID]@warpportal.com

For example, if your Account ID was CrimeCraftAcct you would tell them CrimeCraftAcct@warpportal.com

Request assistance in retrieving your password, and make sure to include the email address used to register your WarpPortal account.

Once they help you get the password for the account, follow the instructions located here: http://www.crimecraft.com/forums/News-and-Alerts/topics/Guide-Crime-Craft-Accounts-Migration-27-Aug-2012

Remember to put in your Account ID with "@warpportal.com" at the end.

It has been a pleasure serving you with Crimecraft, we hope you continue to enjoy our service. In the upcoming weeks we will remove the Crimecraft sub-forum and remove it from the WarpPortal front page.
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