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Winners of the Mount Creation Contest
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Billing Page Downtime 6pm 10/10
Monday October 10th at 6pm we will have a planned brief maintenance on our billing page to implement a new way to pay- Smart2Pay

The following are different payment methods supported by Smart2Pay per country:

PaymentMethod /Available Countries
§ AsiaPay: Malaysia
§ PayEasy: Philippines
§ PagaNet: Brazil
§ MercadoPago: Brazil
§ DineroMail: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico
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Playing with Friends just got better!
Playing with Friends just got better!

During the month of October if you invite your friends to come play your favorite game with you, you will be rewarded! Now is a great time to convince your friends that the WarpPortal games are the best!

Using the Friends with Benefits program, if you recruit a friend during October and they make a payment, we will give you 30% of the WP Energy value they purchased.

And the gifts don’t stop there! If you refer 3 of your friends to play any of our games we will give you a unique game item for the game you play the most. Refer 5 friends and if they all sign up and create a game account you will get 500 WarpPortal Points.

Refer 10 friends and if they sign up and create a game account you will get 1 of these bonuses for the game you play the most!

RO: 60 Days VIP
ROSE: Aurum Castle Gear Set
RQ: 60 Days Premium
DS: Halloween Costume of your Choice

We didn’t just stop there; we want to see your friend leveling up with you and we have some more items to give to you and your friend. Party up with your friends, help them level up and get familiar with your favorite game and get some nice items!

Ragnarok Online - ROSE Online - Requiem - Dragon Saga
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Freestyle Service Discontinue Notice.

FreeStyle Service Termination

Please read below:

On September 30th 2011, the availability of FreeStyle on www.warpportal.com will come to an end. However, the service of FreeStyle will continue on at www.gamekiss.com.
If you wish to transfer your account to www.gamekiss.com, Please click on the "I Agree" button below to consent. Your account and information will be transferred to www.gamekiss.com and you will be able to continue playing FreeStyle.

Regardless if you transfer your FreeStyle game account or not you are part of the WarpPortal community and you will have access to your WarpPortal account which grants you access to all of our other game titles.

As part of the process, we have disabled the payment features for which you could transfer WP Energy to FreeStyle points.
The entire FreeStyle website on WarpPortal.com will be removed on September 30th 2011.
We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
If you have any questions regarding account transfer, please contact our support team using https://support.warpportal.com.
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Billing page update planned 6pm-7pm 9/7/2011

Wednesday September 7th from 6pm-7pm we will have a planned maintenance on our billing page.

During this time making payments and transferring points will be unavailable.

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New Origins Release Date Announcement and Upcoming Game Balances
It is my great pleasure to announce the newest expansion to come to Dragon Saga SEPTEMBER 1st... New Origins: Into the Darkness!

New Origin
A great darkness has covered the land of Dragon Saga and the world as you knew it has changed. Continents have shifted and a whole new race, Dragonkin, have appeared to help the Dragon Fellowship during their darkest time.

Will you rise to fight this Darkness?

Are you brave enough to challenge Elga, the Dark Dragon Lord?

With the coming update are several game Balances that will come into effect. These changes have been part of an ongoing discussion with Gravity Games, based on feedback collected from you, the players. If you have any feedback you would like to provide us regarding these changes or other changes please post it here.

Game Balances

Skill Changes:

-Aim Rate Soulcraft Options will be doubled for accessories.

-All Fire and Water Guardian Set items will be changed back to their previous stat bonuses that were originally received during THQ*ICE. The changes to the new bonuses was a bug.

Fire Guardian Set:
  • Fire Guardian Helm
  • Fire Guardian Top
  • Fire Guardian Bottom
  • Fire Guardian Shoulders
  • Fire Guardian Gloves
  • Fire Guardian Shoes
  • Fire Guardian Backpack

  • Water Guardian Set:
  • Water Guardian Helm
  • Water Guardian Top
  • Water Guardian Bottom
  • Water Guardian Shoulders
  • Water Guardian Gloves
  • Water Guardian Shoes
  • Water Guardian Backpack

  • Due to the amount of time it has taken to correct this bug, we will be offering all player that currently own a piece of the above gear, (2) W-Coin, (8) Soul Box (contains 999souls), and (2) 50g Pouches per piece of gear currently on the character.

    Character must have items in inventory to received these items. Equipped and pieces in Vault will not earn these items.

    Production System: (More to be addressed during New Origins Update)
    - Soulcraft (Option) Expander modified to not be applied in PvP Areas (PvP, Battlesquare, Emporia). The display will still show the Option Expanded rate in these zones, but the function is disabled.
    - Result of Soul Extractor Capsules to show the correct stat after the Soulcraft Option has been extracted from an item.
    To discuss these changes please visit us on the forums here..
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