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WarpPortal Payment page Maintenance

A one hour maintenance on all our Payment pages from 6pm - 7 pm PST August 22nd. Games and websites will remain up, but payments or point usage will not be possible.

You may not be able to make Item Mall purchases during the maintenance times, but otherwise your game play should be uneffected.

Thank you,
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Friends with Benefits
We know that our biggest recruitment asset is you, our community. Your word of mouth referrals is a big value to us and we have now a system that can reward you for that referral you gave to a friend or foe!

With the Friends with Benefits program, you can give a simple link to a friend, use an image link in a signature or send emails to your friends letting them know what game you play and inviting them to join you. For every friend you refer to your favorite WarpPortal game we will be sharing their purchased points with you!

For every purchase a friend makes, you will earn 10% of that purchase in WP Energy. Which of course can be used for Premium account upgrades or Item Mall items.

Friends with Benefits program details can be found here: Friends with Benefits
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WarpPortal account and payment pages Maintenance

On July 13 from 6pm to 7pm pst the WarpPortal payment and account pages will be down for maintenance. No payments, password changes or new account registration will be possible during that hour. The WarpPortal.com website will also be down as well.

The forums, game websites and the games themselves will be unaffected by this maintenance.

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13.3 El Dicastes is open for Adventure!

The Sapha are learning to trust the outsiders and have opened themselves up more to your help. They certainly do need it! Between Manuk and El Dicastes lies the Scaraba Dungeon with its Queen and her brood ready to challenge adventurers of levels 130+ to a battle of survival and glory!

Many quests for assistance are offered from the Sapha to adventurers, rewards include the ability to get a very special enchantment done by the Sapha for those they trust the most.

Remember to do the Onward to the New World quest to start on your adventure if you haven't already!

More details lie on our update page!

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WarpPortal Virtual Gift Cards options expanded!

We have expanded the options on our WarpPortal Virtual Gift Cards! Now you can send a Virtual Gift Card to your friends quickly and securely in 1000, 2000 or 3000 WP Energy Values!

It's simple to create your Virtual Gift Card.

- Just login to the WarpPortal

- Use the link "https://www.warpportal.com/shop/sendenergyshop.aspx, or click on the image.

- Decide what value you want your Gift Card to be; 1000, 2000 or 3000 WP Energy.

- Your current WP Energy will be converted into that value of a Code and emailed to you and your friend (if you choose to put your friends email in the field).

- You could print out or paste the code to your friend to redeem for WP Energy and they can spend the WP Energy to Power-Up their Game!

- To Redeem just login, go to the Power-up and "Redeem Code" on the right hand side tabs.

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Game Maintenance time change for all Titles!

We are updating our scheduled game Maintenance for all our WarpPortal titles to Tuesday nights at 10pm to 2am PST.

The first Tuesday night maintenance will be June 21st.

The game times that will be effected by this update are:
Ragnarok Online
ROSE Online

We are making this change to address the fact that our prime playing time is in the middle of the afternoon, and having maintenance in the middle of that time is inconvenient to our players. Further, the Thursday maintenance time gives us very little time to have bugs or problems be reported and noticed before the weekend starts.

Tuesday night Maintenance addresses both issues well. We didn't move to this schedule in the past because we had certain restrictions on when all our games could have maintenance that we have since worked out.

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