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Ragnarok : USRC is Completed!

Our 2011 USRC tournament has been completed. We have our champions for our RWC 2011!

TurBaconEpic will represent us in Korea for RWC!

If you want to see our Broadcast (pre-recorded) please visit our JustinTV channel. We will be making the fraps videos available next week for viewing as well, with Effects ON or OFF.

We hope you enjoyed USRC, in the next week or so we will be updating Sakray back to Renewal for 13.3 Dicastes testing!

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Facebook Connect Updated
To those that have connected their WarpPortal account you may get a message asking you to connect your WarpPortal account to your facebook again. One change has been added to this connection:

"Access my data anytime", This access will be used to post on your wall in times when a new game account is created. For example, if you create a Ragnarok account, WP will make a post to alert your friends that you have made a Ragnarok Account. Access changes cane be
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ISP Maintenance May 11, 2011
Our ISP NTT will be performing a maintenance of their service on May 11, 2011 from 1:00am to 4:00am Pacific Time. (Tuesday night, Wednesday morning.)

This maintenance WILL cause interruptions and latency for all WarpPortal titles, however the servers will remain up and running, just connection to them will be severed.
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Account Security
Account security is of the utmost importance. As such, we want to equip our players with the knowledge they need to ensure the accounts they play remain safe, secure, and in the right hands. We recommend that you review the information below and follow the helpful tips to make sure that your computer and the accounts you play remain secure. Keeping an account secure relies heavily on keeping your computer secure. This can help keep your computer safe from malicious programs and anyone intent on stealing your private information. What can I do to keep my account secure?
  • Pick a unique, strong password. Use combinations of at least six letters, numbers and punctuation marks; don’t use words that can be found in the dictionary. Change passwords every 3-6 months. You can reset your password here
  • Do not share account information. The less people that know your account information, the more secure you'll be.
  • Run anti-virus software to protect yourself from viruses and malware. If your computer has been infected with a virus, Trojan, keylogger, or other malicious software, you need to make sure the computer is cleaned entirely, or the WarpPortal you use will continue to be at considerable risk. You can learn more and download this software for free here: -For Windows
  • Keep your system up to date. Please be sure that you have the most secure operating system environment on your computer by running Windows Update (if you own a Windows-based PC) or Software Update and installing all of the high-priority updates. Note: You may have to run the updater more than once to ensure you have all of the latest high-priority updates; many updates require a system restart and then additional patch installations to complete the process.
In the news recently, several online services have had their securities breached. We highly recommend if you used any of these services or share emails and/or passwords that you change this information immediately and follow the steps above to ensure account security.
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Great Offer from GWallet and Netflix!
GWallet provider of free points for surveys and video watching is offering an amazing deal with their partner Netflix.

For signing up for a Netflix trial account, players will recieve 2,500WP points!*

This is only for a limited time, login to WarpPortal, click the link, and take advantage of this great deal while you can!

*Some restrictions may apply. Offer may not be available in all areas.

If link above does not work, sign into WarpPortal.com, click "Power up" at the top, select "video for WP", scroll down until you see "Netflix" offer, click and follow instructions.
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Facebook Connect is Live
Now you can access the WarpPortal website with your Facebook Login.

To connect your Facebook to your WarpPortal.com account (if emails used to register are the same email)

1)The [Connect with Facebook] will appear in the area right below the branding bar and login page:


2)Upon pressing the [Connect with Facebook] button above, if you are not logged into facebook you will receieve a popup asking you to login to your Facebook:

3)You will recieve the following request, make sure to click allow to connect the two:

4)and your Facebook is now connected to your WarpPortal account!

If your Facebook account has never logged into the WarpPortal website before AND Facebook account's email address does not match an existing WarpPortal account, then please follow the following steps:

1)If "No", then you will automatically have a WarpPortal.com account created for you using your Facebook information.


2)If "Yes", then you will be asked to input your WarpPortal login information:

WarpPortal accounts automatically created with this method will be allowed to change their nickname ONCE. So please make sure you wish to keep that name.
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