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Website Downtime Planned Monday 4/25
Monday April 25th the WarpPortal website, registration and payment pages will be down for a maintenance. This may also include the individual Game websites as well. This maintenance period is expected to last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours starting at 5:30pm PST.

During that time, the Forums, Blog, Casual games will all still be available for use, and of course normal game play will remain available as well.

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Network Maintenance April 15, 2011
Our IDC will be having a network maintenance this Friday, April 15th, 2011 from Midnight to 3am PDT in the morning Pacific Time (Thursday night, Friday morning).

In this three hour window, the interruption is expected to be about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

During this time:

-ROSE, Ragnarok, Dragon Saga, and billing will not be accessible.
-Requiem, WarpPortal, and Eternal Destiny will remain up, however users will be unable to login or make payments.
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Ragnarok has Launched the new VIP System!
Ragnarok Online has launched the new VIP system and at the same time eliminated all Monthly Subscription requirements to access Ragnarok Characters!

With the VIP system any character can get the "Premium" benefits that were reserved for Ymir playrs only. These new settings give all that being "Premium" did before and gives it on all servers plus adds special NPCs and services that have never been offered before!

Check out the VIP settings page to see what is offered.

And check out the Helpful Start Guide to see what you need to do to start or resume your Ragnarok Adventure!
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Poll: What's your favorite WarpPortal title?
We ran a poll on the WarpPortal facebook recently with the questions "What's your favorite WarpPortal title?" and the results so far are below.


Ragnarok Online 97
ROSE Online 40
Requiem:Memento Mori 29
Dragon Saga 39
Eternal Destiny 2

Join us and vote for your Favorite on WarpPortal Official Facebook, leave us a comment while you are there.
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Yggdrasil : Free server transfer offer, now through April 6!
In the beginning of April we will be performing a big update to all our servers, to remove the requirement for Monthly subscriptions for access to our Premium Servers. Also with this update we will be creating a "VIP" system that allows you to get the current premium benefits on ANY account regardless of which server you play on. There are many changes that are intended, and some that are still being tweaked; you can read the ongoing discussion and current plan On the Blog.

For Yggdrasil, we are going to switch it to parallel Valkyrie, this means that it is a new Renewal server, that will be easily accessible to brand new players and characters. This will be a switch from being a "premium server" to being an open server.

Yggdrasil players are being given the opportunity to transfer from Yggdrasil to Ymir, FREE, now through April 6 (requests must be received by end of day April 6).

These transfers will have NO restrictions, and will be entirely free, using our Support ticket system to make the requests. After April 6, you can still play on Yggdrasil of course, but we want to offer you the opportunity to stay on a "VIP" server if you wished.

We will later begin offering server transfers, with certain restrictions, between all servers as Value added service.

If you are on Yggdrasil and you want to end up on Ymir please make that request soon!

Thank you,
WarpPortal Team
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Fundraising for Japan with MercyCorp.

While we try and make everything about WarpPortal focus on fun and games, occasionally tragic real world events happen and shake our lives and those we care about. Right now is one of those times in Japan. We here at WarpPortal personally have many friends and family in Japan, many of our players do as well. We are very concerned over their wellbeing both presently and in the near future, we are doing everything we can as individuals to help; but more assistance is always welcome with that in mind we are combining our efforts with MercyCorps again to support their relief efforts in Japan.

We have a Donation Page with MercyCorps for this relief effort, and we hope that the compassion and generosity of our community shines through once again for this very important effort. While we can’t thank each person for their good deeds enough, we do deeply appreciate your kindness. We have set a very modest goal for our fundraiser, regardless of the goals outcome every dollar helps and is appreciated. As thanks we will have an EXP event in all of our published titles from April 7-14 in honor of those generous people who donated to this worthy cause.

  • Ragnarok Online : 2x exp
  • ROSE : 2x EXP
  • Requiem : 1.5x Exp
  • Dragon Saga : 1.5x Exp

Thank you,
WarpPortal Team
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