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Mobile payment option is now available!
On March 9, 2011 we have implemented an easy new way to purchase WarpPortal Energy via your Mobile Phone. Our "Paymo" (Pay Mobile) is brought to you by Boku. You can utilize this payment option all around the world and the payment will go onto your Mobile Phone Bill!

The cost is calculated on your current location, and will fluctuate as the exchange rate updates between your currency and USD. This is normal, but should be a reasonable option of payment for those without Credit Cards or access to Game Cards.

To try it out:
Login to the WarpPortal,
Navigate to the "Power UP page"

Choose your payment amount, please understand that the local exchange rate may influence the cost of the payment. Further, certain carriers will not allow higher purchase amounts for their customers, but most carriers will allow the lower payment amounts.

Input your phone number for your mobile phone, and a text message will be sent to you.

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Dragon Saga Point Transfer Soul Crafting Event
Dragon Saga Soul Crafting Event

Period: 2/25 (After maintenance)- 3/10 3pm PST

All transfers of 7500+ WP points to Dragon Saga IM points and receive the following Soulcrafting items as a gift.

10x Enchant Insurance Scrolls
50x Weapon Enchant Dust
100x Armor Enchant Dust
999x Soul

Multiple Transfers of 7500WP point will earn you mulitple Gift Boxes!

Items will be distributed 1 business day from the date of purchase starting 2/28!
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WarpPortal Passwords have been updated
Greetings WarpPortalites,

As of Tonight February 25th, we have updated all WarpPortal passwords. This means to login to the WarpPortal you will need to use the "Forgot Password?" link that appears on the login page. You will need to have access to the WarpPortal email address and enter your Birthdate. This will send an email to you with a link that allows you to type a new password.
If you would like a visual guide please view the Knowledge Base Article

Today we had an attack on the forums, and while all evidence points that there is no user information leak, and the fact that there is no payment or game info stored at all on the Forums; we would rather over react than under react with this incident. In our efforts to ensure the maximum security possible we have updated your passwords for your WarpPortal account, but the game account passwords remain unchanged.

We will bring up the forums as soon as we have updated and completed any fixes that are necessary to continue having the best user experience and security possible with the forums.

When updating your password please use a NEW, STRONG password that is at least 6 characters with numbers letters and symbols to maximize the security of the password.

If you have questions or need assistance updating your password, please contact our Customer Service team.

Thank you for your understanding
WarpPortal Team
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WarpPortal Forums are offline
Currently, Friday February 25th, we have taken the WarpPortal forums offline while we repair the threads and posts, and make upgrades to the system so that future damage of mass moving and deletion of posts does not occur.

We will strive to have the forums back up within the next few days. Your personal information on the forums is still secure, the issue was one of an exploit that allowed escalation of privelages rather than a login issue.

If you want to stay updated with the current situation please visit our FaceBook Pages
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Erunil Tower Update has gone live!

Erunil Tower Update

Erunil Tower Dungeon Instance and Raid
Intended for level 79 (cap) Characters.

RAID Boss dropped loot
Level 79 (required) Armor sets; Level 79 (required) Weapons and Shields; Consumables; etc.

New Erunil Tower Quests
Dozens of new quests, many related to the Erunil Tower dungeon

New compounding Recipes (for the new RAID drop: Spoiled Dark Jewels)
Dropped loot from the RAID bosses inside Erunil Tower include a new xeon type item called Spoiled Dark Jewels. These may be used to compound better versions of the RAID dropped weapons.


And more...

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ROSE Winter Event
Dudes and Snowbunnies, starting on February 11th, we’ll be having an event where you can get the most righteous snowboarding gear, including a snowboard!

All you have to do is collect enough of the Ice ChouChou from either Mt. Eucra or the Magic City of Eucar and bring them to Eliot in the Magic City of Eucar, for prizes.

Once you’ve collect all of the cool snowboarding gear, you can trade for a special summon capsule that releases a little Ice Spirit buddy to snowboard with! So get out there on the slopes of Luna and take pictures of the good times! Don’t be afraid to share those pictures with everyone the forums too!

Also, available for a very limited time in the Item Mall is the Boy and Girls snow suit gift box and a very special Valentine Lucky Box, that gives you a chance to receive a brand new Valentine Outfit!

Click here for the Event Page!
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