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A Call to Arms and Point Transfer Event
1/18/2012 ~ 2/14/2012
A Call to Arms

The Dragon Fellowship is recruiting more heroes than ever. The world of Dragon Saga is still filled with much evil, and there is no one more equipped to deal with the darkness than them. From January 18th 2012 – January 31st, training or hunting on Channel 1 will give heroes level 1-40 a greater bonus than ever before!

Channel 1 bonus for level 1-40:
• Physical/Magical Defense +100%, HP 100%, MP +100%, EXP +100%
• Upon Character Creation: 1x +10[Normal] Darksoul weapon & +10 Underground Graveyard armors Top/Bottom

Answer the Call to Arms and join the fight against the Darkness!

Begins: 1/18/2012(After Maintenance)
Ends: 2/14/2012 (Maintenance)

Point Transfer Event

For each transfer of 1000pts or more during week to receive bonus item during maintenance.

o Jan 17th – Feb 14th: (2) Box of Souls (999each)

Free items will be distributed within 5 business days of purchase!
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Lunar New Year – Year of the Dragon Saga!
1/18/2012 ~ 1/31/2012

Lunar New Year refers to the beginning of the year in several lunisolar calendars around the world and on many of those calendars this year marks the year of the Dragon. Many of us may not follow these calendars but that doesn't mean we can’t have a celebration. Beginning January 18th 2012-January 31st 2012, we’ll be having a Lunar New Year celebration of our own!

Find your Fortune:

Each day we’ll be giving all players over level 23 a Fortune Gasha Box! This box contains one of six fortunes but beware not all are good fortunes!

Fortunes Options:
• For My Luck - Great! EXP x1.3 (1hr)
• For My Luck - Good! Atk speed +5% (1hr)
• For My Luck - Nice! Def +10% (1hr)
• For My Luck - Not Bad! Def +10% (1hr)
• For My Luck - Bad! Move Speed -5% (1hr)
• For My Luck - Too Bad! Aim Rate -5% (1hr)

Big Wheel Costumes and Dragon Costume Sale:

The Item Mall and BigWheel will be joining in on the celebrating as well! All new 2012 Hat, Glasses, and Balloons will be added to the Big Wheel. So take a spin and try your luck!

The Item Mall will be offering “Year of the Dragon Costume Box” which contains Oriental Dragon Costume (Mask, Backpack and Balloon) and 20x Year of the Dragon 2012 Firecrackers for just 375pts!

Help us make this year, the Year of the Dragon Saga!

Begins: 1/18/2012(After Maintenance)
Ends: 1/31/2012 (Maintenance)
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Ragnarok: January Event Celebration!
1/17/2012 ~ 1/24/2012
We are into January and we have great news to celebrate!

We have placed 1st in the P2P division in the MMOSITE 2011 Player's Choice awards!

In celebration we are hosting Double EXP until January 24th!

We also have "Dally Quen" in the Eden Group Kitchen who offers Daily items just for talking to him. The more days you get prizes the better the prizes get! You can get free Blue and White Pots, Yggdrasil Seeds, Reset Stones, Hugel Medals, Old Card Albums, Bloody Branches and other items too!

Of course we have other fun stuff going on this week too, such as Gramps offering Dragon Themed Turn-ins which Gramps will warp you to a mirrored map so you have the best play experience and grouping of adventurers on the same quest!

  • 90-110 Rachel Field
    -Ground Deleter
    -Sky Deleter
  • 115-130 Abyss Lake
  • 135-150 Bifrost monsters
    -Angra Mantis
    -Pom Spider

Also the HE Bubblegum Box and HE Battle Manual Boxes will be available until January 23rd.

Later this week we will have a short restart to add more to our celebration!
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DS MyCrib [MyHome Edition]
12/27/2011 ~ 1/10/2012

DS MyCrib [MyHome Edition]
We all know the Dragon Saga celebrities that hang around town, from the top PvPers to the famous guild leaders we all know and love. But there is always one question, how are these celebrities living? What is there home life like? Most importantly what does their MyHome look like?
Now is your chance to show off your MyHome and win great prizes while bragging!
How To Participate:
-Purchase a MyHome ingame (NPC Jesse)
-Furnish your MyHome (either Item Mall and/or Ingame drops)
-Take a Screenshot.
- Create a thread in this section of the forums and post the screenshot (in subject include Character name-Describe your MyHome and Items in it. (Make sure to list all furniture and items included in screenshot.
-Dragon Saga team will judge all the entries.
-5 Lucky Winners will win the title of DS MyCrib Designers of the Year!
How Winners will be chosen:
-Style/Presentation (is it too cluttered, do the colors clash?)
-Description Creativity (be creative, don't just list your items, try to introduce with style)
Expansion Permit (320x320)
White Christmas Tree (Perm)
White Christmas Fireplace(Perm)
So off your stylish MyCrib and win great prizes.

Begins: 12/27/2011
Ends: 1/10/2012 10:00pm PST

*Prizes will be handed out the day after the event ends.
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Ragnarok Launches the Biggest Christmas ever!
12/20/2011 ~ 1/3/2012

Just because we are in the midst of the holiday season doesn't mean that we are sitting on our laurels! Ragnarok Online is going to have a plethora of events and bonuses running this week.

Game Updates!

Our facebook page here now has in excess of 60,000 likes! To celebrate will be having a one week double exp event!

The 14.1 Bitfrost update part 1 comes to the main servers today, introducing a new town, quests and equipment! More information on the 14.1 update can be found here

In-Game Events!

Play your woes away with our new Event WoEs! We have some fun variations on RO's weekly War of Emperium. Second class only, novice only, class unrestricted, no god items and other odd variants have been scheduled. Find out more about the upcoming WoEs here

  • Giving a reset stone to Gramps will give a 3 hour cooldown instead of the 23 hour one.

  • Early Wrapped Christmas gift and Christmas Holiday box are now vend/tradeable!

    Kafra Madness

  • The Kafra ladies have gone all out this week, with a big transfer bonus for converting WPE into Kafra Points! 2500-4999 point transfers have been increased from 15%->20% and transfers 5000+ have been increased from 20%-30%

  • In addition, from December 20th until December 27th, the points you spend will be given back as bonus points and the end of January as a small "thank you!" for all of your support during the year! We greatly appreciate your support and wish you all a very happy end of the year and a fantastic 2012!

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    Dragon Saga End of the Year Challenge
    12/15/2011 ~ 12/31/2011
    The end of the year is fast approaching with only a few weeks lefts that going to make this even more of a challenge. But, if it wasn't a challenge it wouldn't be fun right?

    Your Task: Create a character in the month of December* and level him to 80.

    Reward: 20,000 IM Points on January 2nd.

    Simple as that.

    *Character must be created between December 1st and December 31st. Level 80 must be reached by 11:59pm PST December 31st to qualify. Limit one Prize per account.

    Begins: 12/15/2011
    Ends: 12/31/2012

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