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Labor Day Weekend Point Sale!
8/29/2013 ~ 9/4/2013


We hope everyone has a cool weekend and for those of you who have the holiday off, have a fantastic long weekend, we know we'll certainly enjoy our long holiday! To help everyone get into the spirit of things we are running tons of in-game events like Bonus EXP and Drops to various special hunt quests too! Check out your favorite Game's website for more details!

At the WarpPortal we are giving fantastic Bonus Points when you convert your WarpPortal Energy into game Points. This is also available on Steam for ROSE and Ragnarok 2!

It's a great time to stock up on points or get that little something extra you've had your eye on in the shop!

This deal will only last until Noon PST Tuesday September 3rd when we all get back to work!

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End of Summer Giveaway Event.
8/14/2013 ~ 8/31/2013

For the month of August we would like to present a little extra bonus to all of our loyal supporters. Every WarpPortal game is offering a bonus item to those who make any qualifying purchase during August. Each game account may only qualify 1 time. Each game may have a different threshold for qualifying see the below information.

Purchases already made prior to the 13th of August will have their prizes distributed the week of the 20th. Each week we will distribute the next batch.

Bright Red Dress Hat
A bright and Beautiful miniture hat worn mostly for special occasions.
click image for more.

To Qualify: 100 points
Pickup: Code the Redeemer

Peco Peco Romance
To know the Peco is to love the Peco. A permanent Costume accessory. Tradable, can be used as fusion fuel.

To Qualify: 200 points
Pickup: Temporary Event Storage

15ea Enchant Insurance Scroll
Protect your equipment when enchanting!

To Qualify: 200 points
Pickup: In-game Mail

Sikuku Guard Mask
A decorative Mask worn by the Guards in the Sikiku Underground Prison.

To Qualify: 100 points
Pickup: Mileage Storage

Blood Baron (7days)
Master the Skies. Flying Mount.
Increases Movement Speed by 60%

To Qualify: 200 points
Pickup: Item Mall storage

All players may qualify regardless of how you are playing our games, direct WarpPortal players and Steam players both may participate. If you are interested in participating but would like a free option we do have many surveys and offers you may want to look into to get some points. Just login on the WarpPortal, and click Power-Up and try out our Survey and Offer Tabs!

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Mid-Summer Point Explosion!
7/19/2013 ~ 7/29/2013

Its too hot here in California to go outside, so we would prefer to stay indoors and play our favorite games! To help us keep extra cool, we are giving out Extra points when we convert WP Energy into Item Shop Points.

Friday July 19, through 7pm Monday July 29 we will be hosting a point explosion event in all your favorite games:

  • Ragnarok Online
  • Ragnarok 2
  • Requiem
  • ROSE
  • Dragon Saga
WP ConvertedNormal      Point Explosion!
0~999 WP 0% Bonus +10% Bonus
1000~2499 WP+10% Bonus +15% Bonus
2500~4999 WP +15% Bonus +20% Bonus
5000+ WP +20% Bonus +30% Bonus

To get your bonus points all you need to do is login on the WarpPortal, Power-UP, purchase/earn WarpPortal Energy, and then choose your game account from the list and convert Points! Be sure to check out the special sales and events to figure out how to best take advantage of all the free points you can earn!

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Start to the Summer VIP+Point Sale!
5/31/2013 ~ 5/31/2013

What a way to start off the summer!
With the VIP + Points promotion, you can get game points, and your 180 Day VIP for one low price!

*** Every in-game account (non-WarpPortal) qualifies to buy this 1 (one) time during the event period regardless of how much VIP they have remaining.
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Point Top-up Event
5/7/2013 ~ 6/3/2013
Don't let April showers bring you down, spring is in the air and it will bring May flowers. In order to celebrate the beautiful month of May, we will be having a "Point Top-up Event" all month long.

From May 7 until June 3rd, your first conversion from Warpportal Energy into Item mall points will receive an additional 20% bonus points.

Take note, this event will replace any pre-existing bonuses for the month. If you have already received the 5% bonus for May, don't fret as you can still join the 20% bonus event.

This applies to all Warpportal game titles, so be sure not to miss out. May Spring be with you.

Top up here!

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Warpportal Tax Refund Point Sale!
4/16/2013 ~ 4/16/2013

It's April 15th, the official first day of the year you can stop worrying about doing your taxes in the U.S. of A. So we thought we'd celebrate and pass the savings on to you, wherever you are!

From now until next Tuesday, we have goosed the bonus amounts of item mall points you receive when you convert our WarpPortal Energy! This is an even bigger bonus than we had in our President's day sale, so don't wait around and let that WarpPortal Energy burn a hole in your pocket!

Normal conversion bonus:
  • 0 ~ 999 = 0%
  • 1000 ~ 2499 = 10%
  • 2500 ~ 4999 = 15%
  • 5000+ = 20%
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