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Bonus 10% Points Extended!
8/31/2012 ~ 9/5/2012
By popular demand our +10% bonus Item Mall Points event, when you transfer WP Energy to your favorite game account, has been extended through 6pm Tuesday September 4th!

Be sure to stock up on points for your favorite game items, and have a fun Labor day weekend!
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VIP+ Promotion
8/9/2012 ~ 9/3/2012
VIP+ Promotion For a limited time, (August 9th-September 3rd) we'll be offering a very special VIP+ package which will include a VIP subsciption along with Points for your favorite title for one low price!

This deal will be limited to once per account during the event period!
  • Ragnarok: Normal VIP = 30 Day for 700WP points
    • “Ragnarok VIP + Point Allowance Package” for 1500WP points
    • Includes: 30 Day VIP + 1500 Kafra Points
  • Requiem : Normal VIP = 30 Day for 800WP points
    • “Requiem Premium + Point Allowance Package” for 1500WP points
    • Includes: 30 Day Premium + 1500 Item Mall Points
  • ROSE : Normal VIP = 30 Day for 600WP points
    • “ROSE Premium + Point Allowance Package” for 1200WP points
    • Includes: 30 Day Premium + 1200 Item Mall Points

Also don't forget you have to purchase these packages with WarpPortal points!
Pick up your today!

Begins: August 9th 7pm
Ends: September 3rd 5pm
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The Rune Midgard Summer Sports Festa Launches!
8/1/2012 ~ 9/1/2012

Geffen, Rune Midgards-Let the games begin! The multi-part summer sports festival in Geffen kicks off this August, citizens from around Rune Midgard can join a national team and prove their mettle in a series of sporting events.

Part 1: We Like Sportz

Terra Track and Franklin Field in western Geffen are the representatives of the Summer Sports Festa, last in a long line of sporting events dating back to ancient times. They are looking for some help in recruiting more countries into sending teams to compete at the games.

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Kunlun Launches on Classic and Summoning Fun on Renewal!
7/25/2012 ~ 8/8/2012

A bevvy of fixes and new features being added tonight!

  • Changes to the summoner based on user feedback
  • Bangungot instance fix being rewritten to fix persistent errors
  • Stunner shades given stun immunity bonus
  • Exchanger added for the Hawt Groove pack to allow for trading in items from that pack for battle manual X3s.
    4 specific GM scrolls for 1 BMx3
    100 Balkava for 1 BMx3

  • CD in mouth will have an much enhanced effect
  • Enriched hammer turned on

Classic: Loki Mob adjustments see thread
Kunlun Ferry has been repaired!

Those that use the Magic Stone, can get a special +200% exp for 30 minutes (1 time) by talking again to the "Magical Stone Checker", you will get the option to use it now or not after will offer you options to go to a dungeon (1 time). MVPs will no longer Earthquake, this will stay that way until Trans update, so go get Bapho!

Dungeon Teleport scrolls 10 box for 75pt.
Rental Gears implemented. Lower powered shield, shoes, garment options. These are intended to be permanent.
  • Shield +6 Buckler 20% reduce from specific race
  • Shoes +6 Shoes 15% bonus SP and 5% faster SP regen
  • Shoes +6 Shoes 10% bonus HP and 5% faster HP regen
  • Garment +6 Muffler +15 flee
  • Garment +6 Muffler 15% resist Neutral
For a comprehensive list of fixes and changes to Classic: Loki, please check out this thread.
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Ragnarok Classic: Opening Events!
7/1/2012 ~ 8/1/2012
It is wonderful to see so many old and new faces joining us on the Classic Server for its Launch Weekend! Certainly we have exciting times ahead as the Classic server cuts its own future path with our players help.

We have a few events and opportunities that we want our citizens to know about so they can take advantage of it to create their best Future possible.

  • VIP and Job changes: The Classic server doesn't have an in-game VIP system right now, if it did you'd be able to job change without the "Magical Stone". We don't want our VIP players to be too concerned about the Magical Stone Purchases, so if your account purchases, and uses a Magic Stone to job change, we will refund the 100 Kafra Points to that account as Kafra points. The first time we will do this giving back will be July 12 (Thursday). So be sure to have VIP and use your own Magic Stone to be eligible.
  • No server launch would be complete without a leveling challenge! We are having a race to 99/50 2nd class. Every character that reaches 99/50 will be 1 entry into a drawing. 10 winners will be chosen to get $100 from the pool of eligible characters. This contest goes until July 31st.
  • As an added benefit, any character that gets to 99/70 as their Transcendent class (once implemented) we will copy that character over with stats/skills reset, and with appropriate Eden gear to Ymir. So you can play on both servers if you wish!
We are going to be updating frequently, both to add more content, fix any bugs and in general to improve your playtime fun! For details on what changes are coming.
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Ragnarok Anniversary Event Week Extravaganza!
6/13/2012 ~ 6/27/2012

We're blowing the doors off of the "cool stuff warehouse" with this Anniversary Lucky Box!

In celebration of iRO's 9th Anniversary we wanted to celebrate a bit and introduce the community to some great, never-before-seen-on-this-server headgears and other useful items in our new Lucky Box!

The pack is 500 points or 2000 points for a crate with five boxes

It's also a perfect time to take advantage of RO's point promotion! More details here

Also to celebrate, Anniversary Quest is updated to part II!
Double drops June 13 ~ June 19th
And both the GoCash and Ultimate Game Card are having promotions when you use them to buy WPE!

Available from June 13 - July 3rd.

See the Anniversary Extravaganza Box on the iRO Website!
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