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[DS] New Character Bonus Event
5/16/2012 ~ 5/29/2012
There is no time better than now to create a new character or level an existing character! Between May 16th and May 29th level a character to be entered into a Raffle to win up to 7000 DS Points for free! As an added bonus we'll also be giving away free enchanting items and dust just for reaching the levels labeled below!

Each week we'll be choosing 60 winners and at the very end we'll choose 1 Grand Prize winner!

Raffle Prize:
Week 1(5/16-5/22)*: 10x 1000 DS Points/50x 500 DS Points
Week 2(5/23-5/29)*: 10x 1000 DS Points/50x 500 DS Points
Grand Prize: 1x5000 DS Points

Bonus Item: Just for leveling a character to the levels below, you'll recieve a gift in the mail!**
Lv.25- 1 Soul Box
Lv.31- 1 Soul Box/200 Armor Enchant Dust
Lv.41- 2 Soul Box/400 Armor Enchant Dust/200 Weapon Enchant Dust
Total Possible: 4 Soul Boxes, 600 Armor Enchant Dust, and 200 Weapon Dust for leveling to 41.

Here's how it works:
-Create a new character on existing account or level a pre-existing character that was level 20 or below before the start of the event.
-Play the account to the levels on the chart below for Raffle Entry
Lv.25~30= 1 Entry into raffle
Lv.31~40= 2 Entries into raffle
Lv.41+ = 3 Entries into raffle
-Bonus Item Automatically mailed to account upon reaching level requirement.
-Raffles will be done weekly (during maintenance) on Tuesday while Grand Prize to be awarded at the end of the event period.

Want more Raffle Entries?
-During the event period each purchase of W-Coins will count as an extra entry.
(1) W-coin= 1 Entry
(5) W-Coin= 5 Entries
(10) W-Coin= 10 Entries.

*Raffle entries from the first week will carry over to the second week. Players are eligible to win each week and the grand prize. The more entries the better your chances of winning. **Bonus applies to all characters created before and during the event, when reaching each level requirement.

Begins: May 16th 12:01am PDT
Ends: May 29th 11:59pm PDT

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[DS] Easter Eggstravaganza!
4/4/2012 ~ 5/2/2012
Everyone’s favorite holiday involving the ever impossible Rabbit eggs is back! From April 4th though May 2nd, chocolate will definitely on everyone’s mind, and hopefully filling your bags as well.

HP and MP Gasha boxes filled with goodies will be given out daily! Staying logged in will earn each character Chocolate Rabbits which can be consumed for recovering HP/MP or you can exchange them for exclusive Easter themed accessories, new riding pets, and other Eggcellent consumable buffs!

There will be other ways to earn Chocolate Rabbits including daily OX quizzes and random GM giveaways.

New Easter Costumes will be added to the BigWheel/Mixboard and Easter Pet Gacha Boxes which have a chance to contain all new Riding Petswill be added to the Item Mall!

Begins: April 4th Midnight
Ends: May 2nd Maintenance
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[DS] OX Quizzes are back!
4/1/2012 ~ 5/1/2012
OX Quizzes are back and better than ever! Starting the week of April 4th, there will be an OX Quiz daily at 6:00 PM Pacific. Each OX Quiz will consist of five brain teasing questions. Each question you answer correctly will provide your character with a two(2)Gada Coin and four(4)Gold, giving you a chance to receive up to seventy(70) Gada Coins and Hundred-forty(140) Gold each week.

If you've never had the opportunity to play in an OX Quiz before here are the rules:

1. Log into the servers by 6:00 PM Pacific each day.

2. When you are prompted to take part in the OX Quiz, either click the "OK" button or press the F1 Key

3. When a question appears, you can select your answer by either clicking on the "O" button (F1 Key) or clicking on the "X" button (F2 Key) before the timer runs out. Each question that displays must be answered correctly to proceed to the next question.

4. Each correctly answered question rewards you with a two(2)Gada Coin and four(4)Gold. If you answer at least one question correctly, you will immediately receive an in-game mail with your Gada Coins and Silver attached.

5. Gada Coins can be spent in Vending Machines located on Field Maps throughout Dragon Saga to receive valuable items. They can also be used after successfully completing Mission Maps to provide an extra attempt to receive a special item after defeating a boss monster.

Come join us starting this week and make sure to wear your thinking caps and take the OX Quiz.

OX Quiz Bonuses!

Weekend Bonus- Weekends are even more fun with OX Quizzes happening TWICE A DAY! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, OX Quizzes will happen at 3pm and 6pm!

Easter Bonus- April 6th - April 10th is going to be packed with Easter goodies and a special OX Easter Quiz happening at 3pm, 6pm, and 10pm! Win Gada coins, Chocolate Rabbits, Easter Eggs, Silver coins, and more.
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[DS] 1.5x EXP and OX Quizzes!
3/29/2012 ~ 4/2/2012
We would like to thank you all for your patience on 3/29 with a 1.5x EXP event all weekend long!

Starting Midnight 3/30- Midnight 4/02 we'll be having 1.5x EXP for all players! In addition to the EXP event we'll be re-running the St. Patrick's Day OX quiz, so you can score, a snazzy new hat, balloon vouchers, and most importantly GOLD! So watch out for those throughout the weekend.
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[DS] Shaman Level Up Event
3/21/2012 ~ 3/27/2012
Shamans are trained to infuse their Dragonkin powers with spirits around them to summon them at will. The summons are the key to their abilities as they deal damage and protect the Shaman. Shamans may not be the fastest class, but they can battle from a greater distance.

Summoners are able to summon more powerful spirits than the Shamans. They are able to use their volcanic type damage skills to add to the attacks from their summons. Summoners can become vulnerable without their summons, but they have high HP and can cast protective shield spells.

Elementalists have very strong bond with their summons which gives them better control. Their summons will protect their master by attacking any enemy threatening the Elementalist, and the Elementalist can cast various disabling spells to slow enemy attacks.

For this week only:
--All Shaman who level to 40+ and job change to either Summoner or Elementalist will receive a their bonus items during the following week's maitenance!

Prize will include:

1x Halloween Event Gun Staff
1x Lady in Pink Bed – 7 Days (4% EXP 2 Hours)
300x Soul

Level a Twin Fighter and receive a prize!

Begins: 12am PDT 3/21/2012
Ends: 10pm PDT 3/27/2012

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[DS] Gravity Anniversary and St. Patrick's Day Celebration
3/15/2012 ~ 3/19/2012
9 Years ago this weekend Gravity Interactive(that's us!) first opened up their first office in Marina Del Rey, California. This weekend also marks the special world famous Irish Holiday St. Patrick's Day. In commemoration of both awesome holidays we've got a weekend full of events!

Happy Hours
Each day from 4pm-9pm PDT Friday, Mar. 16th - Monday, Mar. 19th, Enjoy 2x EXP!

St.Patrick's Day Sale
We're putting a ton of items on sale for a limited time. Check the item mall and the St. Patrick's Day tab to see whats on sale.

OX Quiz
We've set up a special St. Patrick/ Gravity Anniversary themed OX quiz. Take the quiz and win some coins for answering them! Answer two correct and you'll win 1 Balloon Voucher, make it through all 5 and win a St. Patrick's Day balloon.

Quizzes will occur Friday-Sunday 5am/10am/3pm/5pm/10pm PDT

Begins: 3/15/2012 5pm PDT
Ends: 3/20/2012 Midnight PDT

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