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[DS] Share the Love!
3/15/2012 ~ 4/8/2012
Do you love Dragon Saga? Do you like having a couple extra souls in your inventory? Want a pair of cool Heart Sunglasses and 5 w-coins for free? All you have to do is LIKE our Official Facebook and Share the LOVE with your friends!

Let the world know how much you love Dragon Saga. Share one of the designated images on the official Dragon Saga Facebook, on your wall or on the wall of your friends and family to win all the prizes below each weekend.

Each weekend we will choose 3 winners, from the posts made during that day (one winner Friday, one winner Saturday, etc.) Midnight to Midnight PDT. Winners will receive a message on Facebook from CM Hastur with a coupon code. Winners will be chosen each day and announced on Facebook.

Coupons can be redeemed for:
1x Heart Sunglasses
5x W-Coin
10x Soul Boxes

You can share as many times as you would like, and shares carry over to the following day. So if you share on Friday and Saturday it greatly increase your chances of winning on Sunday!

Each weekend we will introduce a new image so make sure you are sharing the correct one!

Weekend 1 (March 16th-18th): Elga
Weekend 2 (March 23rd-25th) Image coming soon.
Weekend 3 (March 30th- April 1st) Image coming soon.
Weekend 4 (April 6th-8th) Image coming soon.

How to Enter:
1. Visit and LIKE our Official Facebook Page at: www.facebook.com/playdragonsaga

2. Share the image (see links above) on your WALL and/or your friends' and families' WALL.

3. Tell the world what you love about Dragon saga in the space available.*
4. Post as many as you can each week to win 10x 999 Souls, 5x W-Coins, and Heart Sunglasses.

*Share must show up on the official Facebook to be eligible.

Begins: 3/16/2012 Midnight PDT
Ends: 4/08/2012 Midnight PDT

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Twin Fighter Level Up Event!
3/12/2012 ~ 3/20/2012

Twin Fighters defeat their enemy by launching extremely fast combo attacks. The class consists of twin characters, one attacking with her fists and the other with her feet. Ability to use multiple close range attacking skills at a high rate makes them a very effective damage dealer.

Gemini class qualifies as hyper attack damage dealer with its high evasion and low skill cooldown rate. They are able to attack ground and air at the same time, and also fuse as one to deal out high damage attacks.

On top of having faster movement and attack speed, Mirage class gain even more powerful attacking skill in their arsenal. Seeing the twins work in harmony to bring down an enemy is quite breathtaking.

For this week only:
--All Twin Fighters who level to 40+ and job change to either Gemini or Mirage will receive a special ingame mail with instructions on how to retrieve a special prize!

Prize will include:

1x Halloween Event Guantlet
1x Lady in Pink Bed – 7 Days (4% EXP 2 Hours)
300x Soul

Level a Twin Fighter and receive a prize!

Begins: 12am PDT Tuesday 3/13/2012
Ends: 10pm PDT Tuesday 3/20/2012

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Spring has Sprung!
3/8/2012 ~ 4/7/2012

Begins: 3/8/2012
Ends: 4/7/2012

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Transfer Event and Raffle
3/7/2012 ~ 4/6/2012

For each transfer of 1000pts or more during the week to receive bonus item during maintenance.

-Mar 7th- Mar 13th: 1 Soulbox(999Souls)
-Mar 14th- Mar 20th: 1x Account Vault Extension (7Days)
-Mar 21th- Mar 27th: 1x 70%EXP Potion(2 hours)
-Mar 28th- April 3rd: 10x Feather of Paris

Free items will be distributed every Tuesday Evening during maintenance!


As an added bonus each purchase made during event period will result in 1 entry into a raffle into for an Enchantment package given away each week!

Enchantment Package:
10x Enchant Insurance Scrolls
500x Weapon Enchant Dust
1000x Armor Enchant Dust
5x Soul Boxes

One winner will be choosen each week and a code will be mailed ingame to the highest level character on the account.

Begins: 3/7/2012 12am PST
Ends: 4/3/2012 10pm PST

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Leap Day Event
12/28/2012 ~ 12/29/2012
Leap Day Event

Once every 4 years we are gifted with 1 extra day added to the month of February. This February 29th we are going to be hopping on the Leap Day train and offering great sales, ingame events, raffles, and more!

Happy Hour: 2 Hour happy hours will occur throughout the day. 2x EXP during these times. Listen for server announcements for start and end times.

XO Quiz: XO Quiz will go off every few hours throughout the day, offering free prizes to those that guess correctly. The quiz will be Leap Year/Frog Themed (Leap year....frog...get it??)

One-Day Sale and bonus gift: Special up to 40% off on certain Item Mall items and some exclusive sale items. In addition to the sale, 1 Free 90%EXP Potion will be sent to all accounts who make a purchase this day.(one per account)

Purchase Raffle: Every Item purchased during the event = 1 entry! Four Lucky Raffle winners will win 10x Ancient Caracha Gasha Box (1000pt Value)

In addition to the Awesome sale and events, WarpPortal is offering up to a 10% bonus in points for transferring to your favorite title.

Begins: 2/29/2012 (after maintenance)
Ends: 3/1/2012 12pm PST

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Jump into the Action!
2/22/2012 ~ 3/6/2012

Begins: 2/22/2012 (after maintenance)
Ends: 2/28/2012 10pm PST

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