Registration Walkthrough
Power-Up Walkthrough
What is WP Energy?

WP Energy is the currency system used on WarpPortal to purchase Item Mall points, premium subscriptions, or value added services. WP Energy simplifies the purchase process if you have multiple game accounts because now you only have to make the purchase in one place!
Step 1
Once the WarpPortal account has been registered/verified and game accounts have been bound WP Energy can then be purchased by visiting the Power-Up page. Select the payment method you would like to use as well as the amount you would like to purchase.
Step 1.1
If this is your fist time purchasing WP Energy the following message will be received. All first payment attempts must be verified before the purchase of WP Energy can be completed.
Step 1.2
If you are using an Ultimate Game Card or GoCash Card click on the "Redeem Game Cards" tab. Select the appropriate game card and enter the PIN code to redeem the card.
Step 2
Once WP Energy has been added to the WarpPortal account it can then be used for your game accounts. Select the game account you would like to use the WP Energy on in the left column as highlighted below.
Step 2.1
If you would like to purchase premium services for such games as Ragnarok or Requiem, select the corresponding tab and choose the desired premium package. Please be aware that PREMIUM SERVICES ARE PURCHASED USING WP ENERGY NOT ITEM MALL POINTS.
Step 2.2
If you are have a game coupon such as a Playsapn coupon please click on the "Game" Coupons tab and enter the code in the box.